The Constitution Online
Saturday, October 30th, 2010
9:20 PM

Have you ever been to The Constitution Online and wondered:

“How do I save pictures off here?!”

You’ve come to the right blog post then. This process can be used to save pictures that you want to post on Facebook, make prints of, or any other task your heart desires.

To download and save to your computer:

1) Left click on the thumbnail (small version picture) below.

2) When larger version of picture loads, right click on it.

3) Select and left click “Save image as”.

4) Select location to save picture (desktop is recommended because it’s easy to find)

5) Type in a name for your picture.

6) Left click “Save”.

7) Done.

If you’re still confused, please leave a comment.


The Constitution Online
Friday, September 3rd, 2010
8:30 PM

This Thursday, The Constitution took it’s online presence to a whole new level by unveiling it’s latest creation:  live scores and updates. The Constitution has now made it so that you–the reader, the student, the parent, and/or the community member–can now make it to that football game without actually being there.

Let me explain it a little more clearly. The Constitution, acting on an idea brought to them by Adam Skyles (head coach of the Madison football team), has set a feed (program that distributes information) on Senator Football’s website where you can keep tabs on the game via score updates sent in by a Constitution staff member present at the game. BUT WAIT, BEFORE YOU GO, finish reading this paragraph. This feed can be set up so that you receive score updates straight to your mobile phone as a text message (please make sure you have some kind of text plan in place that will allow you to receive updates without going over your limit–like unlimited text messaging). See the bottom of this article for information on setting up automatic updates to your phone.

The score updates can be access at Senatorfootball.com in the “Live Scores” section. On this page, you can not only watch the updates as they come in, but you can also talk to anyone else who is watching from Senatorfootball.com via a chatbox that The Constitution has also set up right next to the feed. The updates will only come through on Fridays when Varsity plays. One update will be sent out the day before to remind those who get the updates that the game is the following day. There is a specific format to each update: scores first, quarter and time left, and then last major play (if it will fit).

As for the future, The Constitution is considering expanding it’s mobile updates to an even larger audience. One day soon, updates for basketball, student body updates, etc. could be available. The most likely next update feed? That’s an secret plan already in motion.

How to set up Senator Football Live Scores mobile:

Send “Follow SenatorFBLive” (typed exactly like that without the quotation marks) to 40404. Once sent, you will soon receive a text message back that says “You are now following @SenatorFBLive. You will now see their Tweets on your phone. Send OFF @SenatorFBLive anytime to stop receiving their Tweets.”

The Constitution Online
Friday, August 20, 2010
5:50 PM

The Constitution Online–Madison High School’s newspaper,The Constitution’s website–decided to dig itself deeper into the Madison Community, Friday, by making use of it’s WordPress blog and creating a Fan Page on Facebook. It then took it a step deeper and proceeded to connect all three.

“We wanted to connect more to the community,” says Managing Editor, Nate Barrett, “and we just felt like our website wasn’t quite doing that as sufficiently as we would’ve like it to. So we did what every legitimate organization is doing–joined Facebook.”

The Constitution Online prior to Thursday has simply advertised itself via The Constitution, the Madison website, and through Nate Barrett, who designed the website and has managed it for the last two years. Over the last two years, The Constitution Online has racked up a total of 50,000 views and at a high point saw 13 users viewing it at once. But a lot of that can be attributed to one source.

The photo galleries attract approximately seventy-five percent of the views, says Barrett, but occasionally visitors just go on and look around.

The Constitution Online has performed a lot of modifications to itself in the past two years. Early in it’s first year, it just posted the issues of the newspapers online so that people could read them (its original intention). Then it added photo galleries. Near the end of the year, they moved toward posting every article online while continuing to post the newspapers online. Last year, the 2009-2010 school year, it maintained posting articles on the website for two issues and then ran out of steam.

“It just became too time consuming,” shrugged Barrett. “Some days, I’d spend six or seven hours here [at Madison High School] and not leave until like 10:30.”

The Constitution has since removed all the articles it posted during those few issues and continues to post galleries. Now with the addition of the blog and Facebook fan page, it aims at reaching out to the massive online side of the Madison community.

Barrett continues, “I have like 150 people on my friends list that are from Madison and those are just the people I know. There are many more who I don’t really know that have profiles as well–those are the people we’re trying to reach out to.”

As for expanding to other social networking sites? “Twitter? No, you probably won’t see us on there very soon. I’m not much of a tweeter.”


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